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Upholstery is famously known across the world as the work of providing furniture which includes the likes of seats with padding, springs, webbings and fabric or leather covers. The origin of upholstery can be traced back to the Middle English word upholder which refers to a tradesman who held up his goods in the market. As a means of business, upholstery has evolved drastically over the centuries and can be used in the same vein as domestic, automobile, airplane and boat furniture. It is also applied to the design of mattresses particular the upper layers though differ in designs to a large extent.

A person who is generally engaged in upholstery activities is known as an upholsterer, they also work with apprentice upholsterers who are generally referred to as an outsider or trimmer. The upholstery services which were carried out in earlier times made use of coil materials like spring, animal hair, cow, stray and hay. Back then, upholstery had a connotation to repairing furniture rather than creating new pieces of furniture. During the Victorian era, upholders served as interior decorators responsible for the various aspects that comprise a room’s décor. Most of these upholders were previously members of the Worshipful Company of Upholders whose work area prior to the 18th century was to provide people with upholstery, textiles and fittings for funeral and various other occasions.
As a company which adheres by traditional designs of upholstery as well as modern, Dubai Upholstery has gradually managed to establish a name for their business in the Middle East. For quite some time, they have been the pioneers in the realm of interior décor products because of their skilled designers who have years of experience and make sure that they deliver quality services to their clients at all times. These designers have designed a wide range of interior décor products such as cushions in Dubai, beddings, fabrics, curtains and blinds that are available in many colors and are sure to give any place a brand new look. They lay a great deal of emphasis on maintaining customer satisfaction because they know that only then will they be able to establish a reliable client base with the passage of time. Dubai Upholstery offers interior décor products from contemporary, oriental and royal style which offers their customers a host of choices.


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