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Made to Measure Blinds Online


  • A baby or young child can become entangled in curtain or blind cords in seconds. This can happen when cords are too long or end in a loop.
  • If a child slips, moves quickly or plays with a cord, the cord can act like a noose and strangle the child.
  • Babies can reach through cot slats, grab a nearby blind or curtain cord and pull it into the cot and around their made to measure blinds online necks.
  • Young children can accidentally strangle on dangling cords after climbing onto a bed or other pieces of made to measure curtains and blinds furniture.

Made to Measure Blinds

Steps for protecting children

Follow these simple steps to keep blind and curtain cords out of children’s reach, particularly children under 6 years

  1. Keep children away from all cords – move furniture, cots and beds away.
  2. Check all blind and curtain cords – both at home and when away on holidays. Make sure they are out of children’s reach.
  3. Make loose cords safe Рuse safety devices or cut the cord loop and attach a tassel at the end of each strand.
  4. Choose safe blinds and curtains Dubai – check new curtains and vertical blinds have warning labels and secure the cords out of reach. Important – If you are buying new made to measure blinds or curtains, ask the supplier to show you what safety features are available and make sure you use them.

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