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All types of Sofa Repair Services,in Dubai.

Dubai Upholstery - #1 Sofa upholstery & Sofa Repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Furniture get damage with passing of time but that doesn’t mean that we should throw them out in the garbage. Many of them are not as much as damage that we should throw them. Upholstery Dubai is great option for the damaged furniture because they can renew them and provide them great look even after sever damages. Upholstery Dubai is great option according to the saving point of view and they are very nature friendly because you will not need to buy new furniture which will save your money.We have varieties of upholstery to choose from

  • Upholstery Dubai will provide new look to your furniture and you have options to renovate the look of the furniture or you can choose to get the same old look of your furniture.
  • You have all the possible options to make your old furniture look great again. There are different types of upholstery Dubai like leather upholstery Dubai or fabrics upholstery and you can choose any kind of upholstery Dubai according to your need and budget.

Our upholsteries are very durable and long lasting

  • The durability of the upholstery Dubai is very high and once you upholster your furniture you will not need to reupholster them again for years.
  • If you choose the leather upholstery Dubai then the durability will increase very high because leather upholstery Dubai is very durable and long lasting.
  • The leather upholstery will renovate the look of your furniture and sofas and provide them great look.

Our beautiful upholstery will enhance the look of your sofas

  • The beauty of the sofas and furniture is very important and whenever our furniture gets damaged we try to make them beautiful again and best way to do so is to reupholster them.
  • Our wide varieties of leather upholstery Dubai will fulfill the need of the beauty in your furniture.
  • We always try to recommend leather upholstery Dubai to our customers so that they can get beautiful sofa but due to budget some of them choose other sofa upholstery.

We provide best quality sofa restoration services

  • If you have any old sofa which is near to your heart because of emotional connection then you can choose our sofa upholstery to restore the look of your sofa.
  • We provide restoration of the looks of the sofa by our best quality sofa upholstery and we always keep in mind that we have to restore your sofa into its previous look so that you can feel the same connection.

The price of our services and products is very low

  • The price of our sofa upholstery is very reasonable and low.
  • If you are interested to upholster your old sofa or furniture then you should approach us because we provide best quality upholstery services at very low price.

Why Us?

  1. We provide best quality upholstery services at very cheap price.
  2. We are one of the best upholstery suppliers in Dubai.
  3. We never compromise with the quality.
  4. Our installation services charges are very cheap.
  5. We never put hidden charges on our products.

Dubai Upholstery is one of the pioneers of upholstery furnishing solutions to high-end hotels/restaurants in Dubai and all across United Arab Emirates. Apart from the hotels, we also cater our services for upholstery works in dubai to corporate offices, educational institutions, showrooms, etc. We manufacture a range of interior décor products, including majlis, Sofa Concepts Dubai, cushions, beddings, fabrics, curtains, blinds, etc. in the most vibrant colours and trendy styles to give a luxurious feel and enhance the beauty of your property. You can select from our vast collection of upholstery accessories coming under upholstery works in dubai which are available in amazing styles ranging from contemporary, western, to oriental and royal style or have these customized to suit your ideas of a dream home, your requirements, specifications, dimensions, shapes, colours, etc. We ensure durability, perfect finishing, and long lasting premium quality products at affordable prices to give 100% satisfaction to our customers. Our professional team of experts is very helpful and cooperative. With our unmatched doorstep service, available in Dubai and United Arab Emirates, you can select the right ones from our samples with no obligation buy. Additionally, our professional teams of experts can promptly advise the right furnishing solutions to the customers with the most premium quality products that will only complement and fit into the theme of your interiors. Browse through our selection of exclusive products and give us a call on 056-600-9626. Bring your sofa to us and we will provide the best service for sofa repair in dubai. Our customer service executive will promptly schedule an appointment with you for our free consultation, measuring and estimating services. Alternatively, to customize your order or request for a quote, you can email us at We offer wholesale orders at discounted rates. Our doorstep upholstery works services are available across Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah so for any of the below just get in touch with us at 056-600-9626:- upholstery works in dubai, upholstery repair dubai, upholstery abu dhabi etc. We supply and install high quality materials in Bahrain , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabi (KSA), Manama, Kuwait City, Muscat, Doha, Riyadh etc and along the whole gulf and GCC countries.

Beautiful custom sofa made from excellent quality materials. Exciting offers on custom sofa dubai. We accept sofas made to order, sofa custom made are trending now a days. So design your own sofa made to measure sofas and make your interior look unique. Custom made sofa made sofas are always best. Custom made sofa covers make your upholstery more attractive. Made to measure sofa covers will give upholstery unique look. Custom couch covers adds more stunning look to your couches. Our Sofa maker experts are highly trainer in their work and years of experience. We use the best sofa material to build our products. Upholstery Dubai is one of the most well-known sofa company that makes custom made sofas, custom made couches offers best sofa works, custom couches. So make a sofa, made to order sofas. Custom made sofa cushions will bring more uniqueness to your interior. Design your own covers. We have been doing sofa making from years. Build a couch, make your own couch custom sofa design that gives your living room stunning look. We offer the following custom sofa slipcovers, designer sofas for you, custom sofa cushions, custom leather sofa, custom upholstered furniture, custom slipcovers for sofas, custom design sofa, custom sofas online, custom made lounges, custom made leather sofas, custom made leather sofa, custom made leather sofas, customizable couches. Now design your own sectional sofa online, design your own sofa online, design your sofa, and design a couch.

If you are looking among upholstery shops in Dubai or fabric shops in dubai for the Best furniture upholstery in dubai and Reupholstery dubai that are doing leather upholstery in dubai and sofa repair in Dubai, so dubai upholstery is the right place for upholstery services in Dubai to buy best cushions dubai and the best floor cushions dubai where you can get upholstery works in dubai and sofa fabric change dubai at best prices. Among fabric suppliers in dubai, we are one of the best fabric shops dubai where you can get sofa upholstery fabric online, sofa fabric online, sofa upholstery repair Dubai. We can beat furniture upholstery dubai prices. Our Services include couch repair, sofa refurbishing, couch upholstery dubai, sofa foam filling, foam filling for cushions, sofa covers in dubai, sofa cover stitching in dubai, cushion covers dubai, outdoor upholstery, outdoor furniture upholstery, leather upholstery dubai, leather sofa repair in dubai and Furniture Restoration Dubai, sofa fabric Dubai, sofa repair Dubai, bulk sofa repairs Dubai,sofa upholstery Dubai, upholstery fabric Dubai, wholesale of upholstery fabrics Dubai, sofa covers Dubai, curtains in dubai and office blinds in Dubai. Regarding our animal skin seat repair metropolis ,you can check our profile among the animal skin corporations in metropolis that supply upholstery cloth in metropolis at the best costs and latest seat ideas metropolis as we provide fashionable upholstery cloth, ancient cloth sofas ,and completely different sorts of seat cushions metropolis at cheap costs. In addition of being a reupholster seat metropolis doing a settee upholstery in metropolis ,we conjointly do seat upholstery Sharjah and seat upholstery United Arab Emirates’s capital wherever we will offer and apply completely different seat fabric {and upholstery and cloth} fabric for sofas ,so from currently on there’s no ought to worry upholstery costs in metropolis or materials costs in metropolis or perhaps check around for wherever to shop for cloth in metropolis ,Sharjah , United Arab Emirate’s capital or anyplace across UAE,as you have got a singular metropolis open-air marketplace wherever you’ll be able to get upholstery on-line services, and that we will guarantee one among the simplest for your upholstered seat, upholstered couch or your animal skin seat metropolis. Beside the upholstery metropolis seat service and thru America, you’ll be able to get curtains on-line metropolis and get blinds, curtains metropolis and carpets metropolis that gets delivered all across UAE at the best costs through visiting your location for free of charge with our samples and taking the measures of the windows to grant an immediate worth quotation at no obligation from your aspect to shop for. Currently as you’re having one among the simplest curtains stores in metropolis and jointly of the simplest curtains metropolis outlets that gives curtains sale in metropolis through a singular supply that delivers curtains in UAE and beats costs of curtains in Sharjah similarly. No ought to worry concerning blinds installation value or blinds and curtains costs in metropolis as we will provide you with same low-cost dragon marketplace curtains, as being a comprehensive furnishing company which will beat curtains, blinds and fabric costs of metropolis satwa outlets beside beating the upholstery metropolis satwa market as we provide a free visit for all customers with materials samples and take the measures to grant a free instant worth quotation that satisfies all customers with a pleasant curtains & blinds value of installation that satisfies any upholstery metropolis expatwoman. Browse through our wide range of products Sofa Works, upholstered furniture, upholstery companies, upholstery services, upholstery, upholstery services prices, furniture and upholstery, cheap furniture upholstery, upholstery repair, couch upholstery repair, upholstery warehouse, new upholstery, upholstery velvet, recover furniture, furniture reupholstering, furniture reupholstery, seat upholstery, best upholstery, reupholstery service, upholstery near me, commercial upholstery, upholstery design, re upholstery shops, upholstery estimate cost, reupholstery cost, stool upholstery, upholstery designer, cost of upholstery, upholstery cost estimate, furniture upholstery shop, furniture reupholstering near me, reupholster furniture, reupholstery, upholstery shop, upholster, reupholster, upholsterer, upholstery shop near me, furniture upholstery shops near me, local upholstery shops, best furniture upholstery and more.

Best Sofa Company where in we do all Sofa Works. We offer upholstered furniture as we are best upholstery companies providing all upholstery services upholstery and dealing in all upholstery services prices. We have varieties of furniture and upholstery, cheap furniture upholstery. Get your upholstery repair and couch upholstery repair from direct upholstery warehouse. New upholstery with upholstery velvet and moreover you can recover furniture.

We also offer furniture reupholstering and furniture reupholstery with seat upholstery. We provide best upholstery, reupholstery service, we always think what is best upholstery near me????. If you need commercial upholstery, here you can get awesome upholstery design, re upholstery shops. We will also guide you for upholstery estimate cost and reupholstery cost.

Get all stool upholstery with best upholstery designer, where you will also know the cost of upholstery, upholstery cost estimate. We have furniture upholstery shop so that you do not waste more time thinking furniture reupholstering near me. Reupholster furniture and reupholstery on best upholstery shop upholster and all reupholster with upholsterer to get an super idea what is best upholstery shop near me and all furniture upholstery shops near me, we offer local upholstery shops and best furniture upholstery.

مفروشات دبي هي واحدة من رواد حلول المفروشات في دبي، الأثاث في دبي إلى الفنادق الراقية / المطاعم في دبي وكافة أنحاء الإمارات العربية المتحدة. وبصرف النظر عن الفنادق، ونحن أيضا تلبية الخدمات التي نقدمها للأعمال التنجيد في دبي لمكاتب الشركات، والمؤسسات التعليمية وصالات العرض، وغيرها ونحن تصنيع مجموعة واسعة من منتجات الديكور الداخلية، بما في ذلك المجالس ، والوسائد، والفراش، والأقمشة، والستائر، والستائر، الخ في الألوان الأكثر حيوية والأساليب العصرية لإعطاء يشعر الفاخرة وتعزيز جمال الممتلكات الخاصة بك. يمكنك الاختيار من بينها لدينا مجموعة واسعة من الاكسسوارات والمفروشات، ودبي أثاث تتعرض لأعمال التنجيد في دبي التي تتوفر في الأنماط مذهلة تتراوح بين المعاصرة والغربية، إلى الطراز الشرقي وملكي أو وهذه مخصصة لتناسب أفكارك من حلم الوطن، الخاص متطلبات والمواصفات والأبعاد والأشكال والألوان، وغيرها ونحن ضمان المتانة، والانتهاء من الكمال، وطويلة الأمد منتجات عالية الجودة من الأثاث في دبي بأسعار معقولة لإعطاء الرضا 100٪ لعملائنا.

لدينا فريق فني من الخبراء مفيد جدا والتعاوني. مع شركائنا في الخدمة عتبة لا مثيل لها من مفروشات في دبي ، المتاحة في دبي ودولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، يمكنك اختيار المناسب منها من عينات لدينا مع أي شراء التزام. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، يمكن لفرق محترفة من ينصح الخبراء على الفور تقديم الحلول المناسبة للعملاء مع منتجات ذات جودة ممتازة من شأنها أن تكمل وتنسجم مع موضوع الداخلية فقط. تصفح من خلال مجموعة من المنتجات الحصرية وإعطاء اتصل بنا على 0566009626. جلب أريكة لنا، ونحن سوف نقدم أفضل خدمة لإصلاح أريكة في دبي
. سيكون لدينا موعد معكم لاستشارة مجانية لدينا خدمة العملاء فورا على0566009626 ، وقياس وخدمات تقدير. إضافة إلى ذلك، لتخصيص طلبك أو طلب عرض أسعار، يمكنك مراسلتنا على ونحن نقدم أوامر البيع بالجملة وبأسعار مخفضة. لدينا المفروشات عتبة تعمل تتوفر الخدمات عبر دبي، الشارقة، العين، أبو ظبي، عجمان، أم القيوين ورأس الخيمة وذلك لأي من دون مجرد الحصول على اتصال معنا في
0566009626: – أعمال التنجيد في دبي، إصلاح تنجيد دبي، المفروشات أبوظبي الخ

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Mason Jones


I was thinking to buy new upholstery when i found and i learnt that i can refurbish my old upholstery as the crux of it is good i just needed to change the fabric and the filing of the sofa at my home and my experience with was very satisfactory and i am happy that i found a cost effective solution.


Liam Williams


Dubai upholstery has a host of different products all under one website and i did not feel the need to go anywhere else in Dubai to look out for upholstery, majlis, cushions, headboards, curtains and blinds all customized and provided at the doorstep with just one phone call.


Noah Johnson


I was looking for the sofa repair service and the feature about is that they customize the products according to the looks of the interiors of my living room. I thank Dubai upholstery for providing exactly what i was looking for.



Have a great idea for sofa? We make your imagination come to reality by making custom made sofa only at Dubai upholstery.


Now it is possible to facelift the look and feel of your sofa and making it look like new only by sofa fabric change service provided by dubai upholstery


Leather upholstery Dubai is one of the bestselling and authentic product which is sold at Dubai upholstery as we sell leather upholstery made from imported leather.


Outdoor furniture Dubai is trending these days as we have the technology to provide all weather sofas which can be used in lounges and all outdoor applications.


We at Dubai upholstery know that Headboards are the key attraction for your bed makes sure you give a good impression by having custom made headboards.


Are you looking for custom made sofa covers? Dubai upholstery is the place to look out for. Request a quote now to avail great offers.


Along with the new, Dubai upholstery also provides the sofa repair service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. Call now for fast service and free quote.


Dubai upholstery is not only confined to the bounds of Dubai but our service is spread across UAE and Abu Dhabi. Request quote or call us now for your upholstery requirements at Abu Dhabi.


Sofa foam filling is no more a headache. We provide sofa foam filling service at your doorstep in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE.


Custom made cushions of Dubai upholstery are very creative and add an artistic touch and adds to the cosines for your home furniture.


Floor cushions are of superior quality which makes your interiors look rich and royal. We recommend this for great bungalows and villas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Sofa refurbishing done by the best masters in the industry by using cutting edge tools and technology is what makes sofa refurbishing very promising to all the customers.

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