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Comfy and Cozy Cushions Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Cushions are the best solutions made up of different fabrics which are stuffed with soft materials to rest or lean on them. Cushions Dubai is also a great choice to add beauty to your interior. If you are bored of your interior and you need just a little redecorate having the small budget, you can add different amazing colors and designs cushions to your bed set, upholstery, sofas, chairs etc. You can add cushions to your houses and offices too. Cushions Abu Dhabi have variety of amazing designs, prints, patterns and colors which adds elegant to your place adding amazing vibrant colors.

If we phrase it like this that life would be hard without cushions, it wouldn’t be wrong. After all how would we do cushion fights without cushions? Cushions Dubai have a great value, they are used for resting under head while sleeping, they provide coziness and comfort while sitting on sofa, you can put it on your lap under your laptop and it has a great decoration value too.

There are huge range of fabrics being used in making the covers of cushions. We offer cushions Abu Dhabi to fit almost everywhere in your home including bedrooms, sofas, chair and even window seat. Cushions Dubai also fulfill the need and also easily fit anywhere you want them to fit. We at risala furniture can even make your choice of customized designed and printed cushions in your choice of colors and sizes. We are all available to fulfill you cushion needs as per your specifications and requirements.

Cushions add a splash of vibrancy through their colors and textures and add a luxurious touch to your rooms. New cushions are a quick, affordable and a great way to experiment and express yourself while adding spark to your Sofa Cushions Dubai, Cushions Dubai, Cushion Covers Dubai, Foam Filling for Cushions, existing sofa, bedroom or anywhere else. At Dubai Upholstery cushions are available in a wide variety of textures, including leather, silk, satin, suede, embroidery, velvets, furs, printed, sequined, pattern, Aztec print cushions in all sizes and colors to suit the theme of your house or office or hotel room, at very affordable prices.

These are soft, comfy and totally versatile. You can select from our exclusive collection of contemporary cushions and enrobe your sofas and beds to freshen up your room and add pleasant atmosphere to your personal style. You can also customize them at any color, size or dimensions as per your requirement. Cushions filling like Dacron, Cotton, Sponge, Rubber foam particles and Ostrich feathers are amongst the most loved filings for cushions. Our professional team of experts is very helpful and co-operative. They can promptly advice the right furnishing solutions to the customers with the most premium quality products that will only complement and fit into the theme of your interiors.

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With our unmatched doorstep service, available in Dubai and Unites Arab Emirates, you can select the right ones from our samples with no obligation buy. Browse through our selection of exclusive products and give us a call on 056-600-9626. Our customer service executive will promptly schedule an appointment with you for our free consultation, measuring and estimate services. Alternatively, to customize your order or request for a quote, you can email us at We offer wholesale orders at discounted rates. Our doorstep services are available across Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah.

Cushion Fabrics at Risala Furniture in Dubai

  1. Cotton and linen

Both cotton and linen cushion fabrics are popularly and widely used fabrics for the manufacturing of the cushions. These fabrics are equally soft and durable to last longer. Cotton and linen fabric is best for the people with sensitive skin.

  1. Canvas

Canvas is very strong cotton fabric that doesn’t wear off easily. It’s the best fabric to be used for the cushions place outdoors as these are extremely hard wearing and weather resistant. Excellent choice for outdoors.

  1. Silk or Wool

Silk or wool fabric cushions are amazing choice if you are looking for the cushions just for decorative purposes for your guest room’s sofas or your living room sofas. These fabrics are most luxurious fabrics and gives elegant, decent and elite look to your place.

  1. Leather

Leather is the best fabric that lasts longer and are best fabric for cushions. If these leather fabric are taken care of, these are the best fabrics for cushions.

  1. Polyester and Nylon

These are the most synthetic and natural materials that are used in the making of cushions.

Shop best Cushions in Dubai at Risala Furniture

If you are residing across Dubai and Abu Dhabi and looking for best quality and price friendly cushions. We are the best choice for you. Our cushions are very durable and made up of anti-flammable materials.

We also deliver the products at your door step and our representatives can also visit to show you demos of our products.

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